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Nitrous Outlet

X-Series GM EFI Dual Nozzle System

SKU: 22-81002

$624.99 USD
  • Flow Up To 200 HP
  • Fits all LSX Vehicles
  • (2)1/16" Nozzles
  • 10lb Nitrous Bottle Included
  • All Hardware, Jetting, and Wiring Included
  • E85 Compatible With Different Jetting
  • Includes Dual Nozzle Jetting For 70-100-150-200 HP

X-Series. X-Series systems are made from the same high quality parts and materials as Nitrous Outlet systems but feature slightly smaller solenoids that are capable of flowing 200 HP. All Nitrous Outlet parts and accessories are compatible with X-Series systems.

Dual Nozzle. This system includes everything needed to install a wet dual nozzle system capable of flowing 200 HP of nitrous. 10lb nitrous bottle, solenoids, hoses, wiring, hardware and jetting for 70-200 HP included. Dual nozzle systems increases the saturation of incoming air charge on single throttle body applications and allow you to have an independent discharge for dual throttle body/air inlet applicaitons.

Wide Open Throttle Activation. This system includes a wide open throttle (WOT) switch that only allows the system to be activated when the motor is at full throttle. This safety feature will help in preventing engine damage and lean spikes.

Application. This system is compatible with all LSX/LTX equipped vehicles.