Installation Guides

We have created installation guides for our most popular products. All of these guides are in PDF format, so you can download them and print them out. The installation guides are divided into categories by product type. You are able to search for a particular product by pressing Ctrl+F on your keyboard and typing in the SKU. On mobile you can access your browser menu and tap "Find in Page". Alternatively you may browse by scrolling through the library. The links below will take you to the installation guide for the product.


Automotive Nozzle System Installation Guides

Bottle Bracket Installation Guides

Bottle Filling Instructions

Bottle Heaters & Accessories Installation Guides

Carbureted Plate Systems

Dedicated Fuel System and Fuel Line Adapter Installation Guides

Direct Port Nitrous Systems Instructions

Digital Nitrous and Fuel Pressure Gauge and Fuel Flow Tool Installation Guides

Ford EFI Plate Systems

Ford Switch Panel Installation Guides

GM EFI Plate Systems

GM Switch Panel Installation Guides

Mopar EFI Plate Systems

Mopar Switch Panel Installation Guides

Nitrous Plate Conversion Installation Guides

Performance Products

Powersports System Installation Guides

Puck System Valley Cover

Pump Station Installation Guide

Purge Kit Installation Guides

Solenoid Maintenance

Timing Controllers

Universal Gauge Pod Switch Panel Installation Guides

Universal Switch Panel Installation Guides

Window Switch/Progressive/WOT Instructions

Wiring Harnesses

X-Series Systems Installation