Intake Throat Mist Bar

Methanol Engine Performance

The MethHeadz Intake Throat Mist Bar System is designed to optimize methanol delivery for enhanced engine performance.

Crafted entirely in-house at MethHeadz, our intake throat mist bar system is expertly machined into the intake throat portion of the intake manifold. Discharge nozzles are strategically placed behind the throttle body, aimed towards the incoming airflow. Constructed from high-grade billet aluminum and hard-coated for exceptional durability, our mist bar is built to withstand the rigors of methanol use.

Precision-positioned misting nozzles ensure the precise distribution of the mist into the air stream, saturating the intake plenum for maximum engine efficiency and power output. Our solenoid is engineered to withstand pressures of up to 200 psi, ensuring reliable performance even under demanding conditions.

Mounted securely to the intake manifold with a billet solenoid bracket and connected with ¼” stainless steel tubing, our system offers a robust and leak-free solution.

Our system offers full tunability, featuring a variety of different orifice misting nozzles and a progressive, high-pressure methanol solenoid.

Custom Services:

All In-house crafted solutions come with flowing services and a detailed flow data sheet, providing essential pounds per hour flow numbers crucial for precise system tuning. Contact a MethHeadz Sales/Tech (254-848-4300) for a tailored estimate and fabrication number to send us your intake manifold or elbow for installation. Our expert technicians will seamlessly integrate our mist bar system into your setup, unlocking the full potential of your engine.