Jetting Charts

The proper jetting is crucial for dialing in your nitrous kit tune-up safely.

Learn how to read a jet chart and find the right jet chart for your gasoline or E85 system here!

How to Read a Jet Chart

Jetting Charts:

Stinger and Hornet:

Weekend Warrior:


Direct Port:


Spacer Plates:


How To Read A Jet Chart

Step 1: Choose the group of charts designed for the nitrous system you are using.

Step 2: Choose the chart that matches the correct fuel type and system configuration.

Step 3: Choose the desired horsepower level.

Step 4: Choose the nitrous jet listed on the same row as the desired horsepower level, under the column listed N2O.

Step 5: Choose the fuel jet listed on the same row, under the column that matches the fuel pressure that the fuel supply to the solenoid is set at.