About Us

In January 2001, Nitro Dave’s LLC started out by reselling performance products, filling nitrous bottles, and supplying race fuel. It quickly became a full-blown speed shop, complete with installation and tuning services. In 2003, Nitrous Outlet was born. Nitrous Outlet originally developed unique nitrous accessories used in conjunction with other system brands. Through Dave’s tuning, and racing of nitrous-fed applications, he discovered a void in properly designed products due to lack of research, and development in the industry. Dave made the choice to sell off the speed shop, and devote his life to pushing the Nitrous Outlet brand name to being #1 in the industry.  

Nitrous Outlet is now known for being the industry leader in product development, and top-quality race-proven products. Knowledgeable technical staff, strong customer service, and racer education are what set us apart from the rest.

We pride ourselves on building strong customer relationships. We believe our top-quality products are only as good as the customer service behind it. We encourage our customers to utilize our technical sales staff before making a purchase to ensure proper education on the complete product package needed for a professional, and successful installation. After the sale, we encourage our customers to take full advantage of our technical staff for any guidance they may need through the installation, tuning steps, or product support.

Nitrous Outlet, we are the #1 name in nitrous! 

Thank you for your trust and support!

“Nitro Dave”

David Vasser


David Vasser "Nitro Dave"