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Nitrous Outlet

X-Series Core EFI Single Nozzle Wet Nitrous System

SKU: 22-Core1

$310.99 USD
  • Core System Components Only
  • Use with your existing bottle and brackets
  • 1/16" Nitrous Nozzle and Adapter
  • X-Series Nitrous and Fuel Solenoids
  • -4AN Main Feed Line

Core System:
The X-Series Core EFI Single Nozzle System includes everything you need for a single nozzle nitrous kit from the main feed line forward. This system is ideal to replace the main components of an existing system or to fill in the gaps if you are trying to piece together a system. Capable of spraying up to 200hp!  Core Systems come with just the basics. The X-Series core system does not include Bottle, Bottle Brackets, WOT Switch, fuel rail adapter, hardware, or wiring.

90° Wet Nitrous Nozzle and fittings, 192" 4AN Hose Main Nitrous Feed Line, 2 x 24" 3AN Hose, 18" 4AN Hose, .155" Fuel Solenoid, .078" Nitrous Solenoid, and a Nitrous and Fuel Jet Pack with one each of the following jets: .014, .016, .017, .018, .019, .023, .024, .028, .030, .031, .035, .036, .041, .052, .062, .078.  This jet pack allows for horsepower settings 35, 50, 75, 100, 150, and 200HP with 45-55psi fuel pressure.

The Core system can be used to upgrade your existing nitrous components, allowing you to retain your existing bottle.