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Nitrous Outlet

X-Series Nitrous Bottle Heater with Installation Accessories For 10/12/15lb Bottles

SKU: 22-64001-4

$235.99 USD

  • Includes Pressure Switch And All Wiring

  • Fits 10lb Bottles, 12lb Carbon Bottles And 15lb Bottles

  • High Temp Silicone

  • Helps Maintain Bottle Pressure

  • 13.8 Volts, 300 Watts, 21.74 Amps

  • Select 4AN Manifold Or 6AN Manifold

Concise Bottle Pressure

This heater wraps around the bottle to warm the bottle to maintain optimal bottle pressure automatically. Bottle pressure is key in a well performing nitrous system, and helps keep a consistent flow of nitrous pass after pass.


This bottle heater includes a adjustable bottle pressure switch that automatically activates the bottle heater as needed to maintain the inputted bottle pressure (750-1200 PSI).

Perfect Fit Guaranteed

Our bottle heaters have been tested, refined, and tested again to assure perfect fitment on 10, 12, & 15lb nitrous bottles of all brands.


This bottle heater will fit all brand nitrous bottles and is easily installed and removed with Velcro straps.

Installation Guide

X-Series Bottle Heater Instructions (SKU: 22-64000, 22-64001-X)