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Nitrous Outlet

X-Series Bottle Valve and Siphon Tube

SKU: 22-31000-10

$92.99 USD
  • Flows up to 300HP
  • .169" orifice
  • For 10lb Nitrous Bottles
  • Forged Brass Construction
  • Chromium Plated

10lb Bottle Valve with Siphon Tube - X-Series bottle valves flow up to 300HP of nitrous through the .169" orifice. The 90° valve does not feature any gauge or accessory ports. This valve does have a port for a NHRA valve to meet NHRA regulations. The included siphon tube is custom cut and bent for use in a 10lb nitrous bottle.

Solid Construction - Each X-Series bottle valve is made from forged brass and then chromium plated. The solid brass stem features a polyamide seat for a positive seal.

Ergonomic Hand wheel - This valve has a cast aluminum hand wheel with rounded edges so opening and closing the valve is easy and comfortable.

Compatible Nipple and NHRA Fitting - The correct bottle nipple for the X-Series Bottle Valve is 00-34000 for -4AN and 00-34010 for -6AN. Both nipples need the 00-34020 retaining nut. The correct NHRA Blow Down Tube Fitting for the X-Series Valve is 00-35001.