Nitrous Outlet

Quick Fire Pistol Grip Momentary Mushroom Cap Push Button /w Spiral Stretch Cord

SKU: 00-51032-PG

$79.99 USD
  • Red Anodized, Aluminum Mushroom Cap Push-Button, 23mm In Diameter
  • 20 AWG, 4FT Stretch Spring Spiral Cord
  • Quick Fire Pistol Grip
  • 10 Amp Continuous / 30 Amp Spike Rating
  • N/O Momentary On

Product Description:
Explore the power and convenience of Nitrous Outlet's Heavy Duty Momentary Mushroom Cap Push-Button with a sleek design. Encased in a Quick Fire Pistol Grip, this product is a game-changer.

The Quick Fire Pistol Grip offers a user-friendly experience, allowing you to effortlessly activate and deactivate the push button. The momentary push button features a striking red anodized, aluminum mushroom cap, boasting a 23mm diameter, paired with a 4ft stretch spring spiral cord for flexibility.

Designed for durability, the Normally Open circuit can handle a continuous 10-amp load with a spike rating of up to 30 amps for those intense moments. For components exceeding 10 amps, we recommend combining it with the Nitrous Outlet relay and harness (Part # 00-52002) for optimal performance.

Elevate your experience with Nitrous Outlet's top-notch Heavy Duty Momentary Mushroom Cap Push-Button – the perfect blend of style and functionality.