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Nitrous Outlet

Replacement O-Ring for .063" Purge/ .078" Nitrous/ .155" Fuel Solenoids

SKU: 00-50000-O

$2.99 USD
  • Fits .063" Purge Solenoid, .078" Nitrous Solenoid, .155" Fuel Solenoid
  • Prevents Leaks
  • Replaces Worn Out or Torn O-Ring
  • Rubber

Restore & Repair:

While maintaining your nitrous system, it's always a good idea to throw in a new o-ring while you have it apart! This o-ring is the exact one that came with your .036" purge, .078 nitrous, or .155" fuel solenoid, and is easy to replace!


We recommend using our Nitrous Outlet Solenoid Wrench (Part #00-56001) when performing maintenance to your solenoids to avoid crushing, or damaging the tower when removing, or tightening.