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Nitrous Outlet

Whipple Big Bore Elliptical Throttle Body Nitrous Plate Conversion

SKU: 00-42038

$479.99 USD
  • Fits Whipple Big Bore Elliptical Throttle Body (2750cfm only)
  • Flow Up To 400 HP
  • Billet Aluminum Plate
  • Gasket and Jets Included
  • E85 Compatible With Different Jetting
  • Precision Atomization
  • Jetting Included For 50-100-150-200 HP

Superior Atomization. This injection plate has 6 specially designed nitrous and fuel discharge ports that completely saturate the air intake charge with the best atomized mixture possible. For higher horsepower levels proper distribution into the air stream is critical for even cylinder to cylinder distribution.


Quality Construction. All Nitrous Outlet injection plates are machined from billet aluminum, have a black anodized finish, and CNC engraving. All plates are flow tested to insure proper function and flow characteristics.


Complete Conversion. This plate conversion kit includes the needed gasket and jetting to convert a single nozzle wet system to a plate system, or to upgrade a current plate system.


Application. This plate is designed to fit supercharged applications of any year or make utilizing the Whipple Big Bore Elliptical throttle body (2750 cfm only). This plate has been extemely popular in the HEMI market with the Hellcat and Demon blower upgrades as well as Mustang GT500. This plate will work with any brand wet system and has 3 AN inlet fittings for fuel and nitrous.