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Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet Weekend Warrior 4500 Tunnel Ram Solenoid Forward Conversion

SKU: 00-10073-SF

$749.99 USD
  • Dual 4500 Flange Weekend Warrior Plates
  • Hard-Line Kit Included
  • .122 Nitrous Solenoid Included
  • .177 Fuel Solenoid Included
  • Gas/E85 Compatible
  • 100-400hp

Continuing Innovation:
The Weekend Warrior is a first for Nitrous Outlet as we have never offered our own single billet bar style nitrous plate. It is intended to work with dual-plane intakes, but is equally at home on 4500 flange single plane intakes. Its also a great fit in race classes that require a billet bar style nitrous plate. We took old technology and applied our R&D knowledge from the Stinger plates to achieve a far superior spray pattern and distribution than any other single billet bar or tube style plate on the market.

The Weekend Warrior is a single-entry nitrous plate that provides a max flow of 350hp. Could we have made it flow more - absolutely. However, it would have sacrificed what we were really after - spray pattern and distribution. While this may look like every other single billet bar style plate out there, it isn't. We went for a two-piece design so that we could get the discharge angles we needed.  This allowed us to get the most even pattern possible in a single billet bar style plate and the most even distribution to go along with it.

The 4500 plate is manufactured from 6061 billet aluminum. The nitrous plate is .75” thick and black anodized with laser etched logos and Fuel / N2O entry marking. The single billet bar features 10 nitrous discharge holes and 10 fuel discharge holes per side. Premium gaskets are included as well as Jetting for 50-100-150-175 horsepower using .078 nitrous and .155 fuel solenoids and 100-200-300-400 horsepower shots using .122 nitrous and .177 fuel solenoids. We even include fuel jetting for gasoline and E85 for 5 - 55psi fuel pressures!

The Weekend Warrior is designed for use with 4500 flange intakes with either a dual-plane or single-plane design. This plate is compatible with carburetion or EFI!

The Fuel, and Nitrous hardlines that are included in this kit will need to be cut to your specific length at the time of install.

Installation Guides:

Weekend Warrior