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Nitrous Outlet

Titanium Vortex Ti 1/16" NPT Wet Nozzle

SKU: 00-40011

$92.99 USD
  • Flows 200 HP
  • Titanium
  • 1/16 NPT
  • Wet (N2O & Fuel)
  • 3AN fuel & nitrous fittings

Titanium. Machined from Titanium these nozzles can be installed in the intake and removed several times without damaging the threads.

Great For Direct Port Applications. This nozzle has a short body and can be easily positioned to reach through thick aluminum intakes. Precision machining and quality materials ensure that the nozzle performs reliable at high levels of power.

Race Proven.This nozzle design is used in direct port system spraying 800+ HP and provides industry leading atomization.