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Nitrous Outlet

Dual Stage Universal Switch Panel - Horizontal

SKU: 00-11049

$76.99 USD
  • Supports 2 Stages
  • Easily Mounted Anywhere With Included Screws
  • Built with .063 Aluminum
  • Black Powder Coated
  • Laser Etched
  • Switches for Arm, Purge, Bottle Heater, and Remote Opener
  • Made In USA

Universal Mounting:

As the premium Nitrous product manufacturer, Nitrous Outlet has added a Dual Stage Universal Switch Panel to its already mass inventory of Nitrous products, and accessories. This new Dual stage Switch Panel is truly universal, it’s able to be used in any vehicle, and mounted nearly anywhere by the included hardware screws. The switch panel is made of .063“ aluminum, it has been black powder coated, and is etched with easy to read ARM, HEATER, PURGE, and OPENER.