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Nitrous Outlet

Universal Single Nozzle Dry System

SKU: 00-10200-10

$727.99 USD
  • Flow UP To 200 HP
  • Single Dry Nozzle
  • All Hardware, Electrical, and Jetting Included
  • Includes Jetting For 35-50-75-100-150-200 HP

Flow Up To 200HP This system comes out of the box ready to spray 200 HP.


Dry Nitrous System. Dry nitrous systems inject nitrous only into the plenum and requires additional fuel to be added through the injectors using engine management software.


Universal. Because this system does not require a fuel supply it is possible to install this system on just about any engine or vehicle.


Complete System. This system includes everything needed for a simple, clean installation including a 1/16 dry nozzle, nozzle adapter, .122 nitrous solenoid, hardware, wiring, wide open throttle switch, solenoid bracket, main feed line, bottle brackets, and your choice of 10lb, 15lb or no nitrous bottle.