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Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet Universal Small Cone Style Filter Nitrous Spray Bar

SKU: 00-41004

$85.99 USD
  • Installs inside cone style air filter
  • Fills intake before mass air meter
  • Dry
  • Easily hidden

Hidden. This unit fits inside any intake box using a cone style air filter. The nitrous line can be connected through the intake track to keep the system as hidden as possible.

Dry. This unit is for use with a dry system that sprays on nitrous into the air intake. Dry systems are easier to install and more simple than a wet nitrous system but more tuning is required to insure proper system and vehicle function

Application. This spray bar will fit most small style cone air filters. The spray has a 3 inch diameter and provides a 360° spray pattern to got the entire intake runner track.