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Nitrous Outlet

Universal Dual Stage Diesel Single Nozzle Dry System

SKU: 00-10251-10

$998.99 USD
  • Flow up to 500 HP
  • Dry System
  • Boost Controller
  • 400+ HP Solenoids
  • All hardware, Electrical, and Jetting Included
  • Comes With Jetting For 35-50-75-100-150-200 HP Settings

Spray Up To 500 HPNitrous Outlet's Diesel Single Nozzle Dry Systems are designed for diesel applications and come with a boost pressure activation switch. This system comes out of the box ready to spray 200 HP, But can flow 500 HP with aditional Jetting and additional jetting.

Complete Dry System. This System comes with everything you need to safely and easily install a dry nitrous system on your vehicle. Includes all harware, electrical, jetting solenoid and lines.

Dual Stage. Nitrous Outlets dual stage systems allow you to spray a small amount of nitrous before ramping into a larger stage..

Boost Activation Switch. This System comes with a boost activation switch that you can set between 1.5lbs and 20lbs. This will allow you to control when the nitrous system is activated.

Universal. This system is designed to be universal and will work on any diesel vehicle.