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Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet Ultimate Nitrous Accessory Package - ProMax

SKU: 00-69003-L4

$799.99 USD
  • ProMax Progressive Nitrous Controller
  • Pressure Controlled Heated Bottle Bracket
  • Purge Kit
  • 1.5-20psi or 20-120psi Fuel Pressure Safety Switch
  • Cleanable Inline Nitrous Filter With 7" Hose
  • Glow-N-Dark Nitrous Bottle Pressure Gauge
  • NHRA Blow Off Fitting With Pressure Relief Disc
  • Aluminum 180° Blow Down Tube

The Nitrous Outlet Ultimate Nitrous Accessory Package groups all the most commonly needed nitrous accessories into one convenient package. This package includes the ProMax Progressive nitrous controller, a pressure controlled heated bottle bracket, purge kit, fuel pressure safety switch, inline cleanable nitrous filter, glow in the dark nitrous bottle pressure gauge, NHRA Compliant blow off fitting and an aluminum 180° blow down tube.

Product Instructions:

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