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Nitrous Outlet

Trident Ti 1/8" NPT Three Stage Dry Nitrous Nozzle - Straight Discharge/Titanium

SKU: 00-40018

$119.99 USD
  • Flows 1000+HP
  • 1/8" NPT Dry Nozzle
  • Machined Titanium
  • Laser Etched

The Trident:
This thing is bad! The Trident nozzle allows you to run 3 stages of dry nitrous through a single nozzle or one huge shot!

Race Proven:
This dry nozzle is capable of flowing 1000+HP worth of nitrous! This nozzle can be found on extreme racing applications and daily street cars alike.

Dry nozzles/system generally require more tuning than wet system because fuel must be added through the vehicles standard fuel system.