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Nitrous Outlet

Quick Fix Dry Single Nozzle System with 10lb Bottle

SKU: 00-10068-10

$679.99 USD
  • Easily Add Nitrous to Any EFI Vehicle
  • Single Nozzle System with 10lb Bottle
  • Duffel Bag and Mounting Plate Included
  • Push Button Activation
  • .078" Nitrous Solenoid
  • Nitrous Jets for 35-200hp

Get Your Fix:
The Quick Fix nitrous kit isn't the first of its kind, but it is the best!  It allows you to easily add up to 200hp to just about any EFI vehicle.  Plus, we wanted to keep it stealthy by concealing the bottle in the included duffel bag.  Activation is super simple to with our pre-wired harness and high-amp push button.  You literally only need to make two connections at the battery and plug in the solenoids - thats it!

Premium Components:
This nitrous kit utilizes a single aluminum 1-1/16" 90° dry nozzle and a US made nitrous solenoid with 3an hoses.  The nitrous solenoid features a .078" orifice that can flow up to 200hp. The solenoid is attached to a custom universal laser cut bracket that is black powdercoated.  Nitrous jets are included to allow you to spray 35, 50, 75, 100, 150, and 200hp! A 10lb bottle comes pre-attached to a laser cut 5052 Aluminum plate in a high-quality duffel bag for the ultimate stealthy appearance.  A 120" 4an main feed line supplies the solenoid.  We even go so far as to include a pre-terminated harness with alligator clips for the battery connection and a Deutsch connector at the solenoid.  All you have to do is find a spot in the firewall to pass the harness through.  The push button and cord are already wired in to the harness as well.  

Even though this nitrous kit is designed for a quick install, the basics of nitrous still apply.  Remove 2° of timing for every 50hp increase and a 2-step colder (non-projected tip) spark plug will be needed for increases of 100hp or more.  Custom PCM tuning may be required.