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Nitrous Outlet

Spark Plug Cutting Tool

SKU: 00-56015

$248.99 USD
  • Holds Eight Plugs
  • Comes With Hole Saw
  • Designed To Work With Or Without A Bench Vice
  • Machined From 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • Anodized Black
  • Includes Billet Cutting Block, Face Plate, Screws And Hole Saw

Nitrous Outlet's spark plug cutting tool has been redesigned for more functionality! It is the perfect tool for the traveling racer. Our spark plug cutter comes with a hole saw so you can easily cut your spark plugs and read fuel marks. Great for everyone, from the entry-level racer to the advanced tuner.

This unique eight-cylinder spark plug cutting tool can be used in conjunction with or without a bench vice. The billet block allows the ability to mark a specific cylinder layout or attach the supplied faceplate, which offers two of the most common cylinder layouts: Chevrolet and Ford.