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Nitrous Outlet

Single to Dual Stage Wet Conversion

SKU: 00-10901

$567.99 USD
  • Wet Dual Stage Conversion
  • Can flow up to 250 HP
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes with jetting from 35-150 HP

Dual Stage Conversion. Nitrous Outlet wet dual stage conversion is the simple way to add another stage of nitrous via our 1/8 NPT wet nozzle. This is a great way to break up a large shot and keep the tires hooked up and going down the track nice and straight. This will convert your wet system to a true dual stage capable system. It can also be tacked on to a dry system for additional wet shot as well. This second stage can handle 250 HP of nitrous.

Application. Nitrous Outlet wet dual stage conversion is designed to upgrade your current single stage system to dual stages. Comes complete with 400 HP solenoids, 250 HP 1/8 NPT nozzle, nozzle adapter, solenoid brackets, hoses, electrical, hardware, and jetting from 35-150 HP.

*Note: This is not a complete system and is designed to be used in conjunction with another complete wet nitrous system.