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Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet Pump Station & Scale

SKU: 00-68004

$1,319.99 USD
  • Refill nitrous bottles
  • Includes nitrous filter
  • Easy grip shut off valve
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Scale included

Refill Nitrous Bottles. This kit includes the necessary pump, hoses, hardware, filter, and valve needed to fill nitrous bottles from a mother bottle. Mother bottle not included.

Calculate Bottle Capacity. Included with the kit is a digital precision scale with stainless steel weighing surface that is ideal for finding a bottles nitrous capacity.

Heavy Duty. This pump is made for heavy use and ideal for speed shops or racers that are refilling a lot of bottles. This is the same pump used in our shop to fill bottles for testing and for use in our shop race car.