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ProMax Controller Display Screen

SKU: 00-61003

$290.39 USD
  • Includes the ProMax LCD Screen and Power Cable
  • 4.3” Full Touch Screen Display Allows Viewing Real-Time Data
  • Add On To Our ProMax Controller

Product Overview: 
4.3" touch screen LCD display connected to the ProMax Progressive controller can be connected to view and adjust tuning parameters on the go without using a laptop. (Will need a PC to view the data-logs)


Performance Features and Benefits:

  • Saves up to 5 tunes, each tune can easily be selected and adjusted from the screen in real time.
  • Monitor all inputs of the ProMax. Including Bottle psi, Fuel psi, MPH, TPS, RPM, 2 Timing outputs, Stage 1 and stage 2.

Package Includes:
Includes the ProMax Progressive Controller Display Screen & Cable

ProMax Update: