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Nitrous Outlet

Pro-Mod .189 Competition Nitrous Solenoid - Aluminum Base

SKU: 00-50017-PM

$457.99 USD
  • .189" Orifice
  • Flows 1000 Horsepower
  • Weighs 24.8oz
  • Billet Aluminum Body
  • 30 Amp Coil
  • Progressable
  • Bottom Exit
  • 1/4" NPT Inlet, 1/8" NPT Purge Port, and 1/8" NPT Exit

Pro Mod Competition - Nitrous Outlet Pro Mod Competition Aluminum Nitrous solenoids are custom engineered to offer extreme performance in hardcore race applications. This solenoid is progressable and we've encountered no ill effects in our wide range of testing on the track in real world applications.

Heavy Duty - This unit is made from durable Billet Aluminum and then black anodized. The internal coil is encapsulated in epoxy for a long service life and we retain a steel can to maintain correct magnetics.

Three Port Design - This solenoid has a 1/4" NPT side inlet fitting, an 1/8" NPT side purge port, and an 1/8" NPT bottom outlet. The bottom exit port is ideal for plumbing direct port systems using rails, or for feeding our Tower of Power Plate!

Regular Maintenance Required - Because of the race oriented design and usage, regular inspection of the piston is required to check for dimpling on the sealing surface.


Maintenance Instructions:

Solenoid Maintenance