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Nitrous Outlet

Pro Mod Fuel Solenoid Aluminum Base - .177" Orifice

SKU: 00-50005-PM

$156.99 USD
  • .177" Orifice
  • Supports 400+HP
  • 1.5oz Lighter Than Stainless Solenoid
  • 6061 Aluminum Body
  • 1/8" NPT Side Inlet & 1/8" NPT Bottom Exit
  • 5 Amp Draw

Two Port Design:
ProMod Fuel Solenoids feature a 2-port design - inlet and outlet. The inlet port is 1/8"NPT thread with a coarse screen filter to keep larger debris from entering the solenoid. The inlet port is clearly marked on the solenoid body with a laser etched IN. The .177" orifice outlet port is located on the bottom of the solenoid and has 1/8"NPT threads. Seal all fittings screwed in to the solenoid body using blue Loctite 246.

Sleek Matte Black Body:
T6061 Billet Aluminum - That's what the ProMod Fuel Solenoid Bases are precision CNC machined from. They are then anodized black and laser etched. Next in are the piston, return spring, and steel tower. The included piston is compatible with all fuels except methanol based fuels. For methanol based fuels, use piston kit part # 00-50005-AP. Because of the aluminum base, we utilize a steel washer to maintain superior magnetics and proper operation. On top of the washer goes the heavy-duty epoxy encapsulated coil. Finally, the matte black powder coated steel can completes the unit and is topped of with one of our attractive solenoid stickers.

Light Weight and Max Performance:
1.5oz is what you'll save compared to a standard steel body solenoid. That weight saving adds up on direct port systems! The coil draws 5amps, so 12ga wire is sufficient for short runs, but for extra insurance we suggest using 10ga wire for power and ground. Finally, the .177" orifice is capable of flowing up to 400 horsepower!