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Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet Pressure Relief Disk - 3,000 psi (Designed for Old Style Brass Bottle Valves)

SKU: 00-35010

$10.99 USD
  • Replacement Burst Disc
  • Fitting Not Included
  • Rated For 3,000 PSI

Stay Safe & Protected:
Nitrous Outlet pressure relief discs are small, must-have safety components for your pressure valves. They are specifically designed for your Nitrous Outlet high-flow pressure relief valves and are built to blow and empty the bottle if pressure gets to 3,000 psi. Be race-ready with these required pressure relief discs.

Installation Guide

Pressure Relief Disk Instructions (NHRA Valve) (SKU: 00-35010, 00-35011, 00-35000, 00-35001)