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Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet Precision Spark Plug Reading Tool

SKU: 00-56006

$81.99 USD
  • Direct 24 Lumen Illumination Focusing Loupe
  • 3x Magnification for Precise Examination
  • Includes Eight Different Focusing Tips
  • Durable Steel Construction Ensures Longevity
  • Battery-Operated With Two AA Batteries (not included)
  • Ideal For Detailed Inspections and Tuning Adjustments

The Nitrous Outlet Spark Plug Reading Tool provides 3x magnification for clear examination of spark plug details, aided by direct 24 lumen lighting and a focusing loupe with eight interchangeable tips. It simplifies spark plug inspections, revealing critical tuning information such as heat distribution, timing marks, air-fuel ratios, and pre-detonation indicators. This indispensable tool is essential for precision tuning, ensuring optimal engine performance. Whether you're a dedicated enthusiast or professional tuner, this compact and versatile tool is a must-have addition to your toolkit.