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Nitrous Outlet

Powersports Single Discharge Hardline Dry Nitrous System

SKU: 50-10101-00

$371.99 USD
  • Flow Up To 200HP
  • Single Cylinder
  • Dry Hardlined System
  • Single Stage
  • All Hardware, Fittings and Accessories Included
  • Includes Jetting For 10-15-20-25-30HP

Max Flow:
Nitrous Outlet's single cylinder powersports direct port systems are designed to be high flowing for instant nitrous delivery to send you railing down the track. This system comes with one nozzle per cylinder capable of flowing 200 HP each. This system comes out of the box ready to spray 30HP, but is capable of spraying up to 200HP with additional jetting.

Superior Quality:
Nitrous Outlet direct port systems come complete with the highest quality parts available. Nitrous Outlet direct port systems are the best way to ensure equal distribution of nitrous and fuel in each cylinder. This system comes with everything needed for your direct port system.

Dry Hardline System:
This system comes with plenty of hardline so you can aim the nitrous ejection directly down the intake runner into the combustion chamber. The 1ft piece of hardline comes pre-flared with a B-Nut and sleeve. You may need larger injectors and a fuel management system to compensate for the amount of nitrous you're spraying.

Fully Customizable:
This Direct port system is fully customizable. Use the drop down menu's above to select your bottle size and free t-shirt size.

Complete System:
This system includes all of the necessary components; One nitrous solenoid, one foot of hardline, jetting for 10-30HP, hardware, and electrical to install a direct port nitrous system capable of adding up to 200HP to your bike or ATV.

This system is compatible with all single cylinder powersports applications.

Installation Guide:

Dry Powersports System Installation Guide (SKU: 50-1XXXX-XX)