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Nitrous Outlet

Powersports 2.5lb Nitrous Bottle Valve & Siphon Tube

SKU: 50-31902

$83.99 USD
  • 3/4" Thread High Strength Valve
  • 4AN Bottle Nipple Included
  • 1/4" Siphon Tube

2.5lb Bottle Valve:
This Nitrous Outlet 2.5lb bottle is designed to fit in tight spaces and is perfect for powersports applications. The valve has a port for a NHRA blow off valve to meet NHRA regulations. This bottle valve features 3/4" threads, and a new o-ring for a tight seal. Included is a pre-bent 1/4" siphon tube, and a 4AN bottle nipple.

These bottle valves only work with our Nitrous Outlet 2.5lb bottles, and are perfect for your powersports applications!

This bottle valve features a  1/4" compression fitting that can be removed to allow the bottle to be flipped upside down for mounting and use.