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Nitrous Outlet

GM LS2 90mm Plate Hard Line Kit

SKU: 00-10121-LS2-HL

$59.99 USD
  • Pre-Bent Hard Lines
  • 3/16 Stainless Tubing
  • All Hardlines and Fittings Included
  • Designed For Nitrous Outlet Vehicle Specific Solenoid Brackets

Upgrade. The Nitrous Outlet hard line kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your current plate system from soft to hard lines.

Application. These pre-fabricated hard-lines are designed to work with Nitrous Outlet bottom exit solenoids and vehicle specific solenoid brackets creating the cleanest looking installation possible. These hard lines are specifically made to fit GM's LS2 Intaqke with a 90mm Throttle Body and Nitrous Outlet's Vehicle specific solenoid bracket. This kit works for a wide range of cars including the 05-06 GTO, 05-09 C6 Corvette, and the 6-07 CTS-V