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Nitrous Outlet

Universal Plastic Battery Tray Dedicated Fuel System

SKU: 00-12051

$980.99 USD
  • Fits Most Battery Trays
  • Works With All Fuels
  • Includes E85 Compatible Fuel Pump
  • Aeromotive Regulator
  • All Fittings, Fuel Hose, and Mounting Brackets Included
  • High Density Plastic Fuel Cell

Dedicated Fuel. Dedicated Fuel Systems allow you to have a separate fuel system specifically for your nitrous system taking the strain off your cars stock fuel system and gives you more control over the systems fuel.


Universal Fit. This dedicated fuel system (8in x 6in x 6in) is small enough to be installed in almost any vehicle's battery tray and includes two mounting brackets that can be used to mount the tank almost anywhere. This fuel tank will work with all fuels including alcohol and pre-mixed two stroke fuel.


255 LPH In-Tank Pump All Nitrous Outlet dedicated fuel systems come with a E85 compatible in-tank fuel pump and an Aeromotive regulator that is fully adjustable from 3-60psi.