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Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet Nitrous Bottle Tent Anchor

SKU: 00-92451

$76.99 USD

  • Made from Bottle Trade In Program

  • Refinished in Gloss Black Powdercoat

  • 21" Tall x 7" Outer Diameter

  • 15Lbs Empty

  • 35lbs With Sand

  • Sand Is Not Included

Nitrous Outlet Tent Anchors are made from repurposed nitrous bottles that were traded into the Nitrous Outlet Bottle trade in program. The bottles have been sand blasted, powder coated, and re-labeled.

***Note: These bottles have a small vent hole machined into the crown of the bottle to prevent being pressurized.***

These tent anchors ship with the bottle valve finger tightened in place and empty of any content. All purpose sand can be purchased at just about any local hardware store. Remove the bottle valve, fill the bottle to the desired weight, and re tighten the bottle valve in place.

For best results place one anchor at each corner of the tent.