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Nitrous Outlet

Wrap Around N2O Heater Element For Mother Bottle

SKU: 00-64003

$257.99 USD

  • Heater Element Only

  • Fits N2O Mother Bottles

  • High Temp Silicone

  • Maintains Bottle Pressure

  • 120 Volts, 600 Watts

Concise Bottle Pressure

This heater wraps around the N2O mother bottle to warm the bottle to maintain optimal bottle pressure when filling your 10lb, 12lb, or 15lb bottles. Heating your mother bottle when refilling your nitrous tanks will allow you to not only refill your bottles faster, but also allow for more nitrous to be released from the mother bottle.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our bottle heaters have been tested, refined, and tested again to assure smooth operation, and performance time, and time again to help consistently refill your nitrous bottles.


This bottle heater will fit most N2O mother bottles and is easily installed and removed with one Velcro wrap, and is easily turned on, and off via a 110v wall plug.