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Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet Momentary Mushroom Cap Push-Button - 23mm Red Cap/Screw Terminals

SKU: 00-51032-PB

$9.99 USD
  • Red Anodized, Aluminum Mushroom Cap Push-Button, 23mm In Diameter
  • 16mm Stainless Body With M16 x 1mm Thread
  • Includes M16 x 1mm Thread Stainless Steel Body Nut
  • Stainless Steel Screw Terminals
  • 10 Amp Continuous / 30 Amp Spike Rating
  • N/O Momentary On
Discover the superior performance of Nitrous Outlet's Heavy Duty Mushroom Cap Momentary Push-Button – your go-to solution for precision and reliability. Crafted with excellence, this momentary push button features a vibrant red anodized, aluminum mushroom head measuring 23mm in diameter.

Engineered for power, the Normally Open circuit boasts a continuous 10-amp rating and can handle short spikes of up to 30 amps, ensuring robust functionality. For components drawing more than 10 amps, we recommend seamless integration with the Nitrous Outlet relay and harness, available as Part # 00-52002.

Elevate your control and experience with Nitrous Outlet's exceptional Heavy Duty Mushroom Cap Momentary Push-Button – the epitome of quality and innovation.