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Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet Hydra 1/8" NPT Wet Nitrous Nozzle - 90° Multi-Discharge

SKU: 00-40015

$98.99 USD
  • Flows 250HP
  • 1/8th NPT
  • 3AN Fuel & Nitrous Fittings
  • Anodized Black & Laser Etched
  • 4 Nitrous Discharge Ports
  • 4 Fuel Discharge Ports

Multi-Discharge Design:
This Hydra single nozzle wet nitrous system features a multi-discharge designed nozzle that is made for EFI applications where a nitrous plate is not available, or may not fit. This nozzle measures 2-3/4" long to put the multi-discharge directly in front of the opening of the intake. The multi-discharge is designed to saturate the air intake charge, providing the best atomized mixture of nitrous, and fuel into the air stream!

The aerodynamic machining and 250HP flow makes this nozzle for any application.