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Nitrous Outlet

GM 2020-2021 C8 Corvette Purge Relocation Kit

SKU: 00-62011

$120.99 USD
  • Evacuates Air From Main Feed Line
  • Relocates Cloud Effect To The Windshield
  • Works With Any Brand System
  • All Hardware Included

Purge Relocation:
Due to the C8 being a first of it's kind Corvette with a mid-engine setup, the purge solenoid is located at the rear of the car, but this purge relocation kit includes the parts, and hoses you need to move the purge exit to the front windshield cowl of the car!

This purge relocation kit is specifically engineered to fit the 2020 Corvette C8. Thirteen feet of braided Nitrous line allows for you to run the length of the car, and tie in to the windshield cowl exit purge fittings, and hardline.