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Nitrous Outlet

Fuel Pressure Safety Switch and 6 AN Manifold (Low Pressure)

SKU: 00-60000-6

$77.99 USD
  • 1/8” NPT Thread
  • Pre Set 5 PSI
  • Adjustable 1.5 – 20 PSI
  • Includes a 6AN Inline Manifold Adapter
  • Easy to Adjust Fuel Pressure Switch
  • Safeguards Against Engine Damage
  • Automatically Interrupts System Activation If Fuel Pressure Drops

The Nitrous Outlet Fuel Pressure Safety Switch is a low-cost safety component designed to prevent expensive engine damage, caused by fuel pressure loss or fuel pump failure. In the event fuel pressure were to drop below the pressure switch setting, the switch will interrupt signal to the nitrous system relay, preventing the system from activation. These pressure switches utilize a 1/8” NPT thread and can be added to the fuel system with the use of an inline adapter manifold or any 1/8” NPT tapped hole in the fuel system. These pressure switches come preset at 5 psi for low pressure fuel systems or 35 psi for high pressure fuel systems, however with the turn of a set screw, they are easily adjustable to fit your exact needs.

Product Instructions:

Fuel Pressure Safety Switch (SKU: 00-60000, 00-60001)