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Nitrous Outlet

Digital Flowing Fuel Pressure Test Gauge (0-100 PSI Gauge)

SKU: 00-63010

$396.99 USD
  • Certified Gauge Accurate to .2%.
  • Includes 43 Tuning Jets
  • Aluminum Shutoff Valve
  • Hard Plastic Carrying Case
  • Hoses Included
  • 0-100 PSI
  • 0-15min Auto-Shutoff
  • Backlit Display
  • Automatically Records Max Pressure Reading

Accurate Adjustments:
Having an exact readout is a must have for accurate tuning. This gauge certified to .2% accuracy so that you can make small adjustments in your fuel pressure with confidence to dial in the perfect tune. Kit also includes 43 tuning jets.

Protective Case:
This kit includes a hard plastic case with foam liner to keep your gauge scratch free so you can throw it in the tool box when you go to the track.

Not only is this gauge more accurate than your run of the mill liquid filled sweeping gauge, it also reads in 5 units; psi, bar, kpa, Mpa, and kg/cm² and automatically records the max pressure reading. In addition it has a programable auto off feature that can be set from 0-15min and has progress bar display that shows the flowing pressure in relation to the max pressure of the gauge (100psi).

High or Low Pressure:
This gauge is for fuel systems rated from 0-100 PSI.

This kit includes the digital gauge, shutoff valve, hoses, jets, and a protective case. This gauge can be used to measure the fuel pressure on low or high pressure fuel systems.