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Nitrous Outlet

Single Billet Aluminum Injection Rail Kit

SKU: 00-01765-S

$120.99 USD
  • Single Rail
  • All Fittings and Hardware Included
  • Anodized Black and Laser Etched

Billet Rail:
Nitrous Outlets injection rails are machined from 6061 billet aluminum and have two 200 thousandths orifice nitrous and fuel channels that extend the length of the rail. The rails are anodized black and laser etched with the Nitrous Outlet logo. This is a DIY rail kit and must be tapped for plugs and fittings.

The dual injection rail kit comes with a single injection rail, two 1/16NPT plugs, two 1/8 x 1/8NPT straights, and 16 5/16 x 3AN straight fittings.

This rail kit can be used for direct port applications or to convert your system from distribution blocks to rails.