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Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet DIY Stand Alone Bottle Heater Wiring Harness

SKU: 12-11500-H

$164.99 USD

  • Easy wiring solution to installing a nitrous bottle heater

  • Harness Routing Instructions

  • Detailed Colored Wiring Diagram

  • Deutsch Connectors

  • High Quality Molex Terminals

  • Bueler 40/60 Amp Relay

  • Protective Expandable Wiring Loom

  • Automotive Copper Core Wire with Protective Silicone Coating

  • Inline 30 Amp Fuse

  • Illuminated toggle switch

  • Works in conjunction with or without a nitrous pressure safety switch

The Nitrous Outlet DIY Bottle Heater Pro Wiring Harness is designed to provide a quick and easy wiring solution to installing a nitrous bottle heater. 

The most time consuming and complicated part of the wiring process is eliminated with the detailed instructions, colored wiring schematics, pin out sheet, and universally mounted prewired relay.

Installation requires 7 easy steps

Step 1: Determine location and mount the relay.
Step 2: Route the main power wire and ground wire.
Step 3: Route the wiring to the system components.
Step 4: Cover the wire with the protective expandable wiring loom.
Step 5: Cut the wire to length.
Step 6: Terminate the wiring ends and connect to the system components.
Step 7: Connect power and ground source and check operation.