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Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet Digital Nitrous Pressure Gauge

SKU: 00-63002

$175.99 USD

  • Range Of Reading: 0 - 1500 PSI

  • Face Color: Black

  • Size: 2-1/16 Inches

  • Gauge Housing Color: Black

  • Gauge Bezel Color: Black

  • Gauge Face Plate Color: Black

  • Backlighting Color: Red

  • Sending Unit: Electronic

  • Operating Voltage: 8-18 Volts

  • Includes Pressure Sensor, Sensor Harness, Gauge Harness, And Mounting Hardware.

Why Choose The Nitrous Outlet Digital Nitrous Pressure Gauge?

The Nitrous Outlet 2 1/16” digital nitrous pressure gauge provides a convenient way to monitor nitrous pressure directly from the driver’s seat. The gauge body, bezel, and face plate are all black in color, providing a clean, professional installation while easily coordinating with other style gauges.

This complete kit comes with a 0-1500 psi pressure sensor, sensor harness, gauge harness, mounting hardware and is designed to work in conjunction with pillar pods or gauge panels that have a 2 1/16” gauge hole.

The gauge plate is branded with the Nitrous Outlet logo, has a back lit display, tinted lens and a LED digital read out.

Installation is as simple as mounting the gauge, installing the pressure switch, plugging in the supplied harness’s, connecting to a keyed hot, chassis ground, and headlight dimmer switch.

Installation Guide:

Digital Nitrous Pressure Gauge Instructions (SKU: 00-63002)