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Nitrous Outlet

Nitrous Outlet "Big Show" 4AN Purge Kit

SKU: 00-62002

$219.99 USD
  • Evacuates Air From Main Feed Line
  • 11 Amp Draw
  • Keep Track Times Consistent
  • Improve 60ft Times
  • Huge Nitrous Plume Effect
  • Works With Any Brand System
  • All Hardware Included

Ultimate Cloud Effect:
This purge kit's .112 orifice shoots out a huge plume of nitrous which creates a massive white cloud anytime the purge is activated, and keeps the nitrous right at the solenoid eliminating discharge delay.

Big Show:
Nitrous Outlet Big Show purge systems use a .112 orifice solenoid that is capable of flowing 400 HP that creates a massive purge cloud when activated. Relay and harness included.

This system will fit any make, model, and year vehicle. Three feet of flexible aluminum purge line allows for you to place the purge outlet just about anywhere on your vehicle.

Installation Guide:

Nitrous Outlet Big Show Purge Kit Instructions (SKU: 00-62002, 00-62003)