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Nitrous Outlet

6AN Manifold With Dual 1/8" NPT Ports (Includes 1/8" NPT Plug)

SKU: 00-01705

$10.99 USD
  • Nitrous Outlet Swivel Manifolds
  • Available for 4AN and 6AN Connections
  • Dual 1/8" NPT Accessory Ports
  • Includes One 1/8" NPT Hex Plug
  • Anodized Black

This black anodized aluminum swivel manifold allows you to screw it onto a fitting without having to spin the whole manifold. This swivel manifold has dual 1/8" NPT ports which allows you to connect a nitrous gauge, fuel pressure gauge, or any 1/8" NPT accessory in-line with a 6AN line. (Includes one 1/8" NPT hex plug.)