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Nitrous Outlet

4150  Stinger 3 Dry Race Plate System with Deep EFI Center Solenoid Bracket(50-600HP)

SKU: 00-10676-GEN3-10

$1,279.99 USD
  • Revolutionary GENIII Design
  • Extended Reach Cone
  • 700 HP Max Flow
  • Single Entry
  • 4150 Flange
  • 360° Discharge Pattern
  • Precise Atomization
  • Anodized Billet Aluminum Stinger Plate
  • Hardline, Bracket, Gasket, Jetting and Hardware Included
  • Jetting for 50-600 HP

Extended Reach Cone. Nitrous Outlet is proud to introduce the 3rd generation Stinger plate for 4150 and 4500 flange carbureted style intake manifolds. The revolutionary extended reach cone is the first in its class! The extended "Stinger" sits further down inside the intake plane to prevent nitrous from hitting the sidewalls on intakes with a high plane or spacer plate. All the same great features of the Stinger II, in an upgraded package.

Precise Atomization. The Stinger plate has a large unique cone shaped “stinger” that protrudes from the bottom portion of the plate into the center of the intake throat. Each Stinger has 16 discharge ports, 8 for nitrous and 8 for fuel. The 16 atomized plumes of nitrous and fuel exit from the center of the stinger into the intake plenum in a 360 degree pattern completely saturating the air intake charge as it enters the intake plenum for even distribution.

Construction. The Stinger plate is CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum, has a black anodized body, red anodized stinger, and is CNC engraved with the Nitrous Outlet logo and fuel/nitrous ports.

Prefabricated Hard-Lines. This system includes an anodized aluminum deep break center 1 solenoid bracket and a pre-bent hard-line for a clean professional installation.

Application. This system is designed to work with any vehicle using a carb style 4150 flange intake manifold. Attended use for a EFI carb style intake manifold.

Complete System. This system includes everything needed to spray 50-600 HP. Package includes .178 nitrous solenoid capable of flowing 700hp, solenoid brackets, billet aluminum Stinger Plate, main feed line, relay, harness, jetting, hardware, and wiring.

Note. Our Gen III Stinger and Hornet plates are a directional plate design and must be installed with the fuel solenoid towards the front of the car and the nitrous solenoid to back of the vehicle. Failure to do so, will result in poor nitrous/fuel distribution and could result in engine damage.