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Nitrous Outlet

Hornet 2 4150 Nitrous Plate Conversion

SKU: 00-44506

$521.99 USD
  • 860 HP Max Flow
  • Dual Entry
  • 4150 Flange
  • 360° Discharge Pattern
  • Precise Atomization
  • Anodized Billet Aluminum Stinger Plate
  • Gasket, Jetting and Hardware Included
  • Nitrous Jetting for 50-500
  • Fuel Jetting for Gasoline and E85, 5-55psi Fuel Systems

Dual Stage Hornet 2:
The Hornet 2 is based on the hugely successful Stinger Nitrous Plate lineup and follows the ideology that nitrous plates are not one-size-fits-all. It is designed to saturate the incoming air flow by placing the discharge cone at the top of the intake throat while discharging the nitrous horizontally across the intake plenum in a 360° pattern.

The Hornet 2 is a dual-entry, dual-stage nitrous plate that provides a total max flow of 860hp. The fuel discharge ports are on top and discharge at a downward angle towards the horizontal nitrous discharge. The nitrous will mix into the air stream allowing the engine vacuum to pull it into the cylinder. This is a perfect plate for intake manifolds that do not have a tall deck height from the top of the runner to the carburetor flange.

The 4150 plate and cone are manufactured from 6061 billet aluminum. The nitrous plate is .75” thick and black anodized with engraved Nitrous Outlet logos and Fuel / N2O entry marking. The cone is anodized red and features 16 nitrous discharge holes and 16 fuel discharge holes. Premium gaskets are included as well as Jetting for 50-100-150-200-250-300-350-400-450-500 horsepower shots, per stage. We even include fuel jetting for gasoline and E85! 

The Hornet 2 is designed to saturate the intake plenum with a 360° discharge pattern. We suggest using the Hornet 2 plate with intake manifolds that measure 1 3/4” or less from the top of the intake runner to the carburetor flange.