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Nitrous Outlet

4150 Flange 4 Solenoid Bracket

SKU: 00-54503

$59.99 USD
  • 4150 Flange Specific
  • Mounts 4 Solenoids
  • 4 Corner Solenoid Bracket
  • Laser Cut .125 Thick Aluminum
  • Powder Coated Flat Black
  • Made In The USA

Carb or EFI 4150 Flange:
Designed to bolt between a 4150 flange intake manifold and the carburetor or throttle body. Mounts two solenoids in front of and two solenoids behind the throttle body or carburetor.

Strong and Good Looking:
Constructed from laser cut .125 thick aluminum for strength and powder coated matte black for a show quality finish.

Specifically for intake manifolds with a carburetor or throttle body and commonly used in conjunction with Nitrous Outlet's Hornet plate system. Will not clear the carburetor accelerator pump with out a burst plate or spacer between bracket and carburetor.