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Nitrous Outlet

4150 Billet Pressure Relief Spacer Plate

SKU: 00-49000

$219.99 USD
  • 4150 Flange 6061 Billet Aluminum Plate
  • Pressure Relief
  • Captured O-Ring Grove
  • 1 Inch Spacer

Why Our Plate?:
Our Billet Pressure Relief Spacer plates are second to none in both quality and performance.

Features. 6061 Billet aluminum plate, Spring loaded panels, Sealed with a captured grove o-ring, Works as 1 inch spacer as well. The relief plates can help save your intake in the event of a cough or backfire! The spring loaded panel will unseat allowing the pressure to escape instead of destroying your intake. Cheap insurance!

Application. Fits any 4150 style flange, Carb, or EFI.

*Note What sets our Relief plate apart from the others, The captured grove for the o-ring allows the o-ring to stay seated in the event of the panel opening unlike others blowing out!