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Nitrous Outlet

4 Cylinder Plumbers Kit With B-Nuts & Sleeves

SKU: 00-28030-4

$96.99 USD
  • 10ft 3/16" Hardline
  • 3AN B-Nuts
  • 16 3AN Sleeves

Hardline Your System:
This 4 cylinder direct port plumbers kit has plenty of hardline to convert your soft line system to a hardlined system. Hardlines have a clean professional look and can be bent tightly to stay close to the intake, and out of the way of other moving parts. This plumbers kit also includes enough b-nuts and sleeves to get the job done right. This plumbing kit comes with 10ft of 3/16 hardline, 8 black and 8 red b-nuts, and 16 sleeves.