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Nitrous Outlet

Solenoid Tower Nut - .112" Nitrous/ .122" Nitrous/ .310" Fuel

SKU: 00-50004-N

$2.99 USD
  • Replaces Damaged, or Missing Tower Nut for .112" Nitrous, .122" Nitrous, .310" Fuel Solenoids
  • Sturdy Nickle Plated Steel Construction
  • Made In The USA


If you're missing, or are needing to replace your current tower nut for your .112" Nitrous Solenoid, .122" Nitrous Solenoid, or your .310" Fuel Solenoid, Nitrous Outlet has you covered! This nickle plated steel tower nut is a direct replacement for your existing, or missing hardware!



We recommend using our Nitrous Outlet Solenoid Wrench (Part #00-56001) when performing maintenance to your solenoids to avoid crushing, or damaging the tower when removing, or tightening.